Are Tonsil Stones Contagious?

Tonsil stones is a health condition that affects a large percent of people in the modern days. However, one issue that many people do not understand is whether the tonsil stones are contagious. This article offers comprehensive details concerning this issue.

The first thing you need to note is that chances of direct contact with tonsil stones are minimal. However, it is possible to transfer bacteria that lead to the tonsil stones deep kissing or other activities that may lead to exchange of saliva with an affected personal. Despite that chances of dislodging the stones are very minimal; it is possible for bacteria to be transferred and set up with a willing host, thus increasing chances of the other person getting the tonsil stones.

When it comes to development of tonsil stones because of airborne elements released by an affected person, the risk is no greater than how other types of virus can be contaminated. Thus, it is good to take precautions such as refraining from deep kissing or avoid direct contact with an affected person as much as possible. In addition, never use eating utensils, spoons, forks after an affected person has just used them.

Tonsil stones can also be contagious depending on their cause. If they are caused by virus, they can be transmitted from one person to the other. However, this depends as to whether or not an individual is exposed to that particular virus before. The virus that affects the stones in human us referred as human papilloma virus and case be transmitted through sneezing or other direct contacts. When it enters the bucal cavity of a person through kissing or any other way, it is possible for the virus to attack the other person, but the chances are no so high. If the stones are as a result of bacterial infection they can also be contagious despite that the chances are minimal than when caused by virus.