Home Remedies for tonsil stones

Are you suffering from a sore throat, and bad breath? Don’t panic, it is probably nothing serious, and you don’t have to call the doctor’s office. A sore throat can mean a number of things, and more often than not, it is better to try some simple home remedies.

The most common symptom of tonsil stones is bad breath, and you will see one or several small objects in your throat and mouth. You may think that you are suffering from tonsillitis, but one of the main symptoms of tonsillitis, is a temperature. There is no need to rush off to the doctor straight away as there are many home remedies you can try.

tonsil stones

Home Remedies for Tonsil Stones

Natural and home remedies are now more popular, and many of us know that they can replace, or work together with, conventional medicine. Most home remedies to treat tonsil stones can be used when it comes to treating tonsil stones.


Gargling with warm salty water might help in the early stages. This might even dislodge the stones, but it can take some time. Continue this treatment for at least two weeks, and you might want to add some grapefruit extract to the water. Anti-septic mouthwashes are an effective alternative to salty water.

Using a toothbrush

A toothbrush can make an effective weapon against tonsil stones, but be careful you don’t trigger the gag reflex. If, you can clearly see the tonsil stones, you will be able to scrape at them and they make come away. Be careful not to scrape at the surrounding tissue as this could make your throat sore.

If, your tonsil stones are larger, you may even be able to reach them with a cotton swab. Place some antiseptic mouth wash on the swab, and gently move the swab upwards once you have been able to reach the stone.

Medicine Dropper

With a medicine dropper, place a saline solution on the tonsil stone and try to expose it a bit more. When you have been able to do so, try to see if you can “suck” it up with the dropper. Gargle with antiseptic mouthwash afterwards to clear any debris. You may trigger the gag reflex so be careful when you do this


Coughing has been known to dislodge tonsil stones. It could be a good idea to have a warm drink first, and this will reflex the tissue of the throat. Cough with you mouth closed, and check if the tonsil stone is still there. It may not dislodge on the first attempt, so repeat the exercise several times throughout the day.

Other Natural Remedies

There are also some natural remedies which you can use in combination with the above home remedies. Sometimes, it is better to apply different methods to combat the problem.

Honey For Better Health

Honey is not only antiseptic but it helps to boost our immune system as well. Tonsil stones can occur as a result of a throat infection, and treating yourself with honey can help.

One alternative is to dissolve honey in some warm water, and gargle with the solution several times a day. Compounds within the honey will act as a natural antibiotic, and you may even find the tonsil stones clear up quickly.

An other alternative is to dissolve the honey in some Gingko Biloba tea. The concoction can be drunk or used when you gargle. It may sound like an odd combination, however, Gingko Biloba has the unique quality to be able to improve micro-circulation. The better our circulation works, the less likely we are to suffer from infections.

Improved micro-circulation will carry more oxygen rich blood to the affected area, and this will cause microbial based materials such as tonsil stones to reduce in size, and even fall away.

Rhus Tox – Homeopathy

If you have a good health food store near you, it would be a good idea to find out if they can supply homeopathy treatments. There are a range of homeopathy treatments which are suitable for tonsil stones, and homeopathy remedies take many factors into account.

There is one treatment that stands out, and seems to treat many conditions which affect the throat and mouth. The treatment is called Rhus tox, and is normally used to treat mouth ulcers and blisters. However, Rhus tox can improve general throat health and have been known to dissolve tonsil stones.

It will also help to ease the pain associated with tonsil stones, and poor throat health. Rhus tox will reduce the body’s overall response to any type of inflammation, and you may find that your tonsil stones disappear within days.

It is important to know how to take a homeopathy treatment. Most treatments should be taken first thing in the morning, and with tonsil stones, you should take two 30C tablets before you eat or drink anything. Place the tablets underneath your tongue as soon as you wake up. Let them dissolve and do not drink, eat anything or brush your teeth for the next hour.

Avoiding tea, coffee and acid drinks for the next couple of hours for a better response. When using homeopathy treatments, you should never drink peppermint tea or use mint based toothpaste. This will “break” the treatment, and render it completely ineffective.

There are alternative homeopathy treatments that may work as well, and you could try Apis or Aconite. Never combine homeopathy remedies as they may contradict each other, and give yourself a 48 hour break before you try a new one.

Marigold Tea

Marigold is not only a common garden flower, it is one of the most effective herbal remedies that you could have in your herbal medicine cabinet. It is normally used as a cream, but marigold tea can help your body to deal with throat infections.

You can either drink the tea or use it as a gargle. If, your tonsil stones are located further down in the throat, a tea may be more effective. When you are using a herbal tea remedy, it is important to drink it before every meal.

Herbal teas should never be drunk cold as the body finds it more difficult to absorb them. Just like certain fruits and vegetables change their properties when we heat them up, so do herbs.

When we use home remedies, or natural remedies, to treat health problems, we often at the same time support and make our immune system stronger. Herbal and natural treatments are recognized by the body, and assimilate easier. This means that the body recognizes them as natural substances, and can put them to work much quicker.