What causes tonsil stones?

Tonsil Stones or Tonsilloliths are a troublesome problem that can affect many people. It is important to be aware of what causes these stones so that effective treatment and prevention methods can be used to help keep them from spreading and reoccurring. The main causes that are known include repetitive throat infections, continual issues with post-nasal drip, and the tonsils drawing in and accumulating dead bacteria cells.

The tonsils main purpose is to help keep your body healthy and safe from infection, so when you are sick, your tonsils act as a wide net for all of the bacteria and debris that are trying to invade and hurt your body. The tonsils then are able to keep them segregated and help eliminate the potential threat that they carry. Unfortunately, tonsils do not always act as they should and many times collect food particles and unnecessarily hang on to other debris causing tonsil stones to form.

Repetitive throat infections are definitely one of the biggest causes of tonsil stones. In better words, they are what set the stage for the tonsils to become effective at producing these irritating calcified masses. As a person experiences a throat infection, or say a strep infection, the tonsils then swell, and as they swell they spread open and create folds. The tonsils now have a lot of pockets and crypts that make it extremely easy for different things to get stuck. As a result, it may be wiser in this particular situation to discuss surgery with a doctor to have the tonsils removed if the issue is severer enough.

Continual issues with post-nasal drip are another main cause of tonsil stones. The stage is set when someone is sick or has allergies that cause this dripping down the back of one’s throat. This is basically an all-you-can-eat buffet for the involved tonsils as there is so much bacteria being swallowed that the tonsils are eagerly grabbing up every bit of it that they can, forming these stones in the process. Even though your body means well in doing this, it can definitely end up causing reoccurring issues with tonsil stones. The best way to help with this particular scenario is to find a solution to the post-nasal drip, and once this is resolved, the problem with the constant tonsil stones should also be eliminated.

The last main cause of tonsil stones that will be examined is the tonsils themselves in drawing in and accumulating dead bacteria cells. This can occur at any point, whether you are eating, sick, or suffering from allergies. While your tonsils are technically meant to do this to help prevent sickness or diseases in your body, this particular problem can become very irritating and can be a constant headache to deal with. The best way to deal with this is to follow good dental hygiene methods, by brushing, flossing and using a refreshing mouth wash to help with the bad breath that many times accompanies tonsil stones.

In conclusion, tonsil stones can be a very persistent and problematic issue to deal with. However, with the methods mentioned above along with expert advice that you can get from your treating physician, you will have stone free tonsils in no time.